Real World Real Lessons: A Customer Service Example for Photographers

Earlier this week at I published a post about Matthew Jordan Smith’s new site, built by SmugMug. The site looks terrific, but what I liked most about it was the process. It wound up being a fitting reminder of how we all need to pay attention to every aspect of our business, especially the customer service side.

Like every post I write, there were a few different lessons to pay attention to:

*Matthew made it a point to be directly involved in the development of his site. So often I’ve heard from photographers who didn’t feel it was their job to really get involved. They told the developer what they wanted and then ceased to be there. In the end they were disappointed. They didn’t allocate the time the project really deserved for their personal input.

*SmugMug spent a lot of time listening to Matthew and what he wanted. In the same respect, you have to listen to your clients. Don’t assume you understand them and know what they want.

*Matthew has been listening closely to his clients and understood exactly what they wanted. He built a site that served their needs not his. If anything, he recognized their needs WERE his needs.  Remember Dean Collins’ old favorite, “Beauty is in the eyes of the checkbook holder!”

*Last on the list, SmugMug finished the project not only on time but ahead of schedule. They exceeded Matthew’s expectations.  You’ve got to do the same with every client. Give them more than they asked for – learn to exceed their expectations and you’ll become habit-forming!

Professional photography is a word of mouth business and nothing spreads faster than the words of a happy satisfied client! Your goal is to make every client an ambassador for your business!
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