Changes At Going Pro

Skip and I have really enjoyed working on the GoingPro project. For more than two years we’ve put our hearts and souls into trying to help each of you improve your photography business. We’ve had a great deal of help from our sponsors and guest photographers who made sure you got a variety of perspectives, but now it’s time for a change – even the TV show Friends went off the air eventually.

We find ourselves at a crossroads. The GoingPro project has helped so many aspiring photographers, but in its current form it’s pretty much run its course. You should start by reading our book GoingPro – available at Amazon and other major booksellers).  We will continue to maintain the GoingPro2010 Twitter site.  There we’ll continue to offer free daily advice and answer your questions as best we can in 140 characters or less 🙂 – follow us @GoingPro2010.

In addition, you’ll find plenty of help at and, Skip’s new expanded site – going live within the next week or so. Even though we’re ceasing the podcast and daily updates to this particular blog, we will continue to be there to help you. Just an FYI – The GoingPro website goes into storage on May 14, 2012.

Why the change? The market is constantly changing and we want to develop a set of new tools to help build your business and strengthen your marketing efforts. We’re not disappearing, just working on new ideas that we think will help emerging professional photographers. We may use Twitter instead of a podcast but that doesn’t in any way impede our goal of helping you go from an aspiring pro to a profitable professional. We’ll continue to develop projects along those lines.

In the meantime, part of the new direction is toward individual consulting and training. We have spent a lot of gratifying time on the phone, in person at various conventions and via email with many of you, helping to solve your professional photography business challenges.

After May 14, 2012, we will also be available as consultants to help you any way we can. Our services extend from help building Twitter followers, designing a logo, picking a studio name, advice on pricing, help with sales, insurance, HR, PR or anything else. We’re available on a retainer basis and we’ve got an incredible staff of experts in every area of business and marketing. If you think you need help, read our book “GoingPro” first. There are so many of the typical questions we receive that are already answered there. If you still need help, then consulting services are available on an hourly basis.

If you need either Skip or me, you’ll always find us at our respective email addresses: or

For those of you who have participated in the project we extend our most sincere thanks. With your support, we’ve taken this concept further and faster than we ever dreamed. Hundreds of you have contacted us to say we’ve helped. We’re happiest about that above all. We wish you the best and will continue to be available to help you take your photography business from surviving to thriving.

Thanks again,

Scott & Skip

6 responses to “Changes At Going Pro

  • Shaleen Bickel

    Hi Scott & Skip!

    I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed this blog, which I discovered after reading the book last year. Both have been an enormous help to me in my quest to go pro. I look forward to seeing what new direction you go in and to seeing Skip on creativeLIVE soon.

  • Tiffany Miller

    So sad to see you go. I look forward to my morning RSS from goingpro ;( thanks for all the advise and kicks in the butt 😉 good luck on your future adventures!

  • greggmack

    Thank you Scott and Skip! I have enjoyed checking in with this blog on a daily basis for several months now. I’m going to miss your words of wisdom – I check in with Twitter only occassionally, and when I do I’m jsut overwhelmed with all the chatter – the signal to noise ratio is way to low for me to invest any serious effort in making it work for me. I will simply have to go back and re-read portions of your book as needed. Once again, thank you so much for the time and effort that you guys put into making this a meaningful, useful blog.

  • Levi Sim

    I can’t thank you both enough, but I can start by continuing to recommend the book to everyone I know. Thank you.

  • Chris Demott

    It’s a shame as your guidance and insights have been generous and very helpful but I can see why this chapter is closing. Looking forward to hearing from you from whatever platforms work best in the future. Thank you.

  • Mayra

    Thank you for the guidance you have given all of us. I will continue to follow both of you in your individual websites/activities.

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